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Steel watch believe that a lot of people will choose to use, but how to cleaning has become a problem for most people worry. Preparation work, an old magazine, a clean fresh film, an old toothbrush, and detergent. First we put the film andreplica michael kors watches from china magazine are stacked together, and then together they roll into a cylinder, it can prevent a wet cleaning strap book. Then put the watch in the wrapped cylinder. The cylinder magazine rolled michael kors watches rose gold runwayslowly enlarge, until the strap is completely opened, the watch will not fall down. This on the one hand is to facilitate a moment when cleaning, more important is bracing strap, the strap seam stains clean. Now we come to the cleaning strap. We first cleaning strap surface, then clean the band gaps in the dirt. These gaps are connected tightly, so the usual to the inside of the dirty things clean very difficult. Now the gap between a cylinder is book opened,discount michael kors watches nature can cleaning to the inside of the dirt. We come back to the same cleaning strap, cleaning surface stains. Next, the cleaning slot in the stains. Well, now the cleaning work has already been done. Finally, we have to scrub clean with water. The process is completed, the rest is the strap on the shady place to dry, pay attention not to exposure, will damage the strapcheap michael kors watches mens quality. We soaked strap placed in the detergent in boiling water for about 15 minutes. Why are you doing this? Because the connection between the ring buckle strap is very close, the gap with a cylinder and can not be connected at the upscaled. Put in the hot water is based on the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, make gap junctions themselves to open up, so that it can be washed. 15 minutes later, cheap michael kors watches for womenwe began cleaning strap! Cleaning well, we have a look this water, dirty enough! This shows that the strap is clean! Next, we took it and put in cold water soak for 15 minutes or so, this is, first, the strap on the detergent bubble clean; second, is also based on the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, the gap between let strap up open back. Time is up, out of band,michael kors watches outlet uk the same will dry in the shade.

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